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Palette Picks Colors From Any Image And Gives You The HEX Or RGB Code [Web]

A good while back, Adobe launched Kuler for iOS. It’s an app that hasn’t left my iPhone since the day I reviewed it. There’s also a nice web app that does what the iOS app does all in your browser and it’s one of my oldest bookmarks. What Kuler does is that it helps create color themes from scratch or from a photo you like. For anyone wanting something simpler, there is Palette. It’s a very simple web app that you can drag & drop an image on to and it will find and list all colors used in that picture. The colors appear with their respective RGB or HEX codes, whichever one you want to use.

To find colors in an image, drag & drop it onto the app’s home page.


Once the app processes the image in a very negligible amount of time, the image along with the colors used in it are listed. By default the color codes are in HEX and if you click a color, the code is copied to your clipboard. You will get a notification from your browser alerting you to the same.

PALETTE colors


If you prefer an RGB code over a HEX code, scroll up after dropping an image and you will see a ‘Choose a type’ option. Hover the mouse cursor over it and it will expand to reveal the color code options. Click the one you want and then scroll down to copy the code to your clipboard.


PALETTE choose type


I started off by comparing Palette to Kuler so continuing with that, Palette is as I said simple. Kuler can do what it  does and a lot more. Palette is more of a quick reference tool for anyone who doesn’t want to get their color picker out or open an image in Photoshop just to see which colors have been used in it. Since it isn’t as complex as Kuler, it’s fast which is something a designer would appreciate considering color picking might be a repetitive task.

The app has a clean interface though it asks for a lot of needless scrolling. Even taking the length and width of a picture into consideration, there is no need to have a user scroll down to see codes or back up to change the code type. I’m nit picking though because I work on a smaller screen but that is nevertheless the only criticism I have of the app and its UI.

Visit Palette 

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