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Picisto Is A Free Online Collage Creator With Customizable Templates [Web]

Picisto is a free web application that allows you to easily create different types of collages and before/after pictures in any layout of your choice. It is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you choose among several different templates, which can be further customized with text captions and background color options. Once a frame has been selected, the service allows you to upload photos by selecting a number of options, such as Upload Photo, Copy Photo from URL, Choose from Facebook and Google Image Search. Moreover, the app has an easy-to-use interface that lets you generate unique photo collages for sharing with your buddies on various social networking websites. To start off, login via your Facebook, Twitter or Google account, choose a layout for the collage and upload photos. When you’re collage is ready, you can save it online or download it to the local system. That’s how simple it is!

There are numerous templates available to choose from, each one coming with different number of images and pixels. To begin, select a template that you want to work with. Picisto


Next, you will be able to add photos through different methods, such as Upload Photo, Copy Photo from URL, Choose from Facebook and Google Image Search. However, you should note that the Facebook and integrated Google image search features are still in development, and will be available in the near future.

upload options

After the photos have been uploaded, you will be able to change the background color and add text captions for the images. When your collage is ready, hit the Finish & Save Photo button to download the image. Additionally, you will be able to view your entire collection of collages by clicking the My Account option.


With Picisto, you can make professional photo collages with only a few simple clicks and put them up on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile. Visit the link below to create stunning collages.

Visit Picisto

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