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Accupix: Pick Colors From Websites To Copy Their Hex Codes To Clipboard [Chrome]

It happens so often that we come across a certain color shade or scheme on the web – something that we’d even like to use in one of our own designing projects – but are unable to determine what the color exactly is. For such cases, a color picker makes things easier, as it allows you to pick and identify Hex codes of any color present on your screen. Accupix is a simple yet powerful Chrome extension that lets you identify and copy any color on your screen through a zoomed in preview of an image/area and a virtual dropper. The eyedropper tool lets you surf through different colors and gets the color code for any pixel on the screen. To help designers, it automatically copies Hexadecimal codes to the clipboard. Moreover, the extension comes with some handy keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out, picking pixels and more.

After you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar and a mouse pointer along with a small preview box will appear on your screen, which can be dragged around to retrieve HEX codes for anything that comes underneath. Alternatively, you will be able to access the eyedropper from the right-click context menu as well.


Upon clicking anywhere, the extension automatically grabs and copies the HEX color code to the clipboard; however, if you want to copy the RGB codes, you will have to do it manually. Apart from using click-to-pick, you may also hit Enter to pick particular pixels, or use Esc to close the picker.


Accupix is a nifty little tool that quickly lets you grab HEX and RGB codes for any color on any website, and makes designing a lot easier.

Install Accupix For Google Chrome

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