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Pin Tweets With The New Twitter Profile Now Available For All

We’ve been hearing a lot about the new Twitter profiles which resemble Facebook profiles and they are now available for all users. The new Twitter profile is indeed similar to what Facebook has to offer with a larger cover picture dubbed the header photo. There is also an interesting new feature that lets you pin a tweet to the top of your profile that’s rolled out with the redesign. For now you can opt in to the new profile view but there is no option to opt out of it. If you make the switch, it’s permanent though we’ll be exploring options for reverting it back to the old design, or opting out after opting in to the new design, in the coming days. The love/hate for the new design aside, inew feature for pinning a tweet to the top of your profile has potential and we’ve detailed how you can pin a tweet as well as ways that it can be used by individuals and brands alike.

When you log in to Twitter in your browser, you’ll see something like this. Click ‘Take a look’ to take the plunge.

new twitter profile

You will be given a walk through of the new stuff which includes a larger 1500×500 header photo, a 400×400 profile photo, and the ability to edit your profile from your profile page. The walk through also shows you how you can pin your first tweet.

To pin a tweet, expand the options for a tweet and select ‘Pin to your profile page’. Twitter will confirm that you want to pin the tweet and also alert you that pinning the tweet will unpin the previous one.

pin tweet

Here’s what the pinned tweet looks like; notice the pin icon that indicate the tweet is pinned.

pinned tweet

Why would I pin a tweet?

Pinning a tweet is quite useful since it lets you keep a message on top and continue tweeting as usual. If you’re looking for feedback on design, or an app, you can pin a tweet that asks for the same to the top of your profile so that it’s easy for other users to find.

If you’re a brand that’s running a special promotion, you can pin a tweet with details for it to the top of your profile. It isn’t going to repeatedly show up in your followers’ timelines but for anyone visiting your profile, it’s an easy way to view on-going promotions without having to go through a day or a week’s worth of tweets.

The pinned tweet can also be used as a means to expand on the information you’ve given in your profile. You can tweet a link to your resume and pin it to your profile, you can Tweet a link to your online portfolio and pin it. It lets you divide your bio into two parts; the actual Bio being the static part and any tweet you pin being the dynamic part.

What do you think of the new profile and do you think the pin feature will be useful for the average Twitter user? Let us in the comments.


  1. How do you Pin a really funny tweet that isn’t yours? i.e. you’ve RT’d it, but was tweeted by another account

  2. I was one of the guinea pigs Twitter conscripted without permission or notice to use the new profile page in mid-February. I have hated it since day one, and have sent numerous tweets beseeching them to give me back my old profile page. Of course my requests have been ignored. Please find a way that I can opt out of this horrendous “improvement.”

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