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Pine Is A Beautiful Bookmarks Manager Housed Entirely In Your Browser [Chrome]

My bookmarks are a mess; partly because I’m lazy and don’t always attempt to keep the links I save organized but also because Chrome’s bookmarks manager doesn’t offer a very functional interface as far as bookmark organization is concerned. Pine is a Chrome extension that adds an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional bookmarks manager to your browser. It lives entirely in your browser and has no service working behind it. Not only can you see the many links in your bookmarks library but you can organize them, add tags, rename them, and move them to a different folder.

The extension adds a P button next to the URL bar. Click it to launch the Pine bookmarks manager. The bookmarks manager features a pane on the left for accessing the bookmarks on the Bookmarks bar, Other Bookmarks, Mobile Bookmarks, and your Favorites. There is no need for you to import anything when you install Pine. It automatically lists the bookmarks you’ve saved. The side pane also lets you view bookmarks by tag and access its settings. By default, the bookmarks appear as thumbnails. There are two thumbnail sizes and it defaults to the larger one. Opting for the thumbnail view with smaller thumbnails lets you see more bookmarks. You can also switch to a list view which might be better as the extension doesn’t manage to load a preview for all links.


To view a bookmark, expand one of the folders and it will list all bookmarks saved to it. To edit a bookmark, hover the mouse over it. You will see two buttons appear; a link button and a cog wheel button for editing. The link button will open the bookmark in a new tab. When editing a bookmark, you can move it to a different folder, change its title, and add tags to it.


The extension’s settings let you select how many items should appear under Favorites when the option has not been expanded, whether a bookmark should open in a new tab or the current one, the number of search results that the extension should list when you search your bookmarks, and which page i.e. which folder should it list bookmarks from, by default.

Pine settings


And now for shortcomings, there seems to be just one. There is no way to add a new folder when organizing bookmarks. This means you have to return to Chrome’s default bookmarks manager for that particular function. Other than that, the extension is pretty good.

Install Pine From The Chrome Web Store

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