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How to ping a website from five different locations

You can ping a website or a computer from your desktop. All you need is a command line app. Command Prompt on Windows 10, or Terminal on macOS do the job. The ping is of course only sent from your system and your current location. This comes with limitations; if a website you’re trying to ping has been blocked in your area, the ping result will make you think it’s not responding. You can always use a service like Down for everyone or just me to check it, or you can ping a website from five different locations using FreshPing.

Ping a website from five different locations

FreshPing is a web app and takes any and all pain, however small it is, out of pinging a website. You don’t have to remember the ping command, you only need to enter the URL to the website you want to ping, and click the ‘Ping Now’ button.

The ping doesn’t take more than a second to send if everything is up and running. It won’t take more than a minute regardless. Scroll down and you can see the five different regions the website was pinged from. You will get a break down of how long it took for the DNS to respond, how long the TCP connection time takes, the TLC time, and when the website was able to establish the connection.

The total time the ping request took is given at the end but if you hover your mouse over one of the other sections, you can get the precise time for it as well.

The ping is sent from five major regions over the world; Asia, the US west and east coasts, the South African east coast, and the European Union. The cities the ping was sent from are also given next to each region and they’ll be the same regardless of what time you ping a website.

This tool can check if a website is up, and how slow/fast it is to respond. It will not check if a website is blocked in your country. If you’re unable to access the website yourself, it might be your ISP, or a regional restriction. It’s also possible that the website itself is blocking traffic from your area. Regionally restricted content is a thing; Netflix is a prime example of this though it only blocks specific content and you have to use a VPN for Netflix to get around it. The same applies for any other website that is blocking traffic from your region.

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