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Popbuzz.me: Read Google News In A Facebook-Like Timeline [Web]

Popbuzz.me is a news aggregator that organizes and displays Google News feed in a Facebook-like timeline. The interface comes with multiple categories such as Entertainment, Technology, Business, Sports and more. It also ranks news into different groups, such as All, Good, Great and Awesome, so that you can filter out unpopular items and read your favorite content. Popbuzz.me uses a social filter that sorts the news based on the number of Facebook likes, tweets and Diggs. It basically takes the buzz from across the web and provides you with a better way to discover some interesting news, without having you to spend long hours on multiple news websites.

While Facebook’s timeline may be loathed for a social experience (and rightly so), it serves pretty good for a new service. Popbuzz shows multiple categories at the top of the page, such as World, Business, Entertainment and Technology. You will also be able to filter news by four different options, which include All, Good, Great and Awesome. In addition to that, the app integrates 5th village, a service that we recently covered. Each news item, when clicked, opens in a new tab and comes with Comments.


As you scroll down the page, newer items are automatically loaded and the interface displays content in a chronological order. The question is, with so much displeasure surrounding the Timeline interface by Facebook, why would anyone want to read news in the same format? The thing with Facebook is that it doesn’t comprise of news that you’re okay with missing out on. You need at least a cursory view of everything and would not like the selective view that Facebook presents but with news, not everything may be of interest to you and the timeline view makes it easier to scroll through more items easily. The website aggregates news based on popularity and allows you to filter it down on a scale of 1 – 4 with 1 being all news items and 4 being only the best. The website also supports keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to filter items by category and popularity.

The app will allow you to stay always up-to-date with the latest happenings around the world. All in all, Popbuzz is a nice service that lets you view and read news in a unique and interesting way.

Visit popbuzz.me

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