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Create Online Presentations With Audio & Video Recordings Using Present.me

The Internet has opened doors for many ways to share content and collaborate with one another in an effective way. Just a few years ago, if one had to give a presentation to their audience, they needed to have a projector at disposal. But now, in this connected digital age, everything can be done entirely online from the comfort of your couch. Presentations have also come a long way since their inception. Take Present.me for example, an online service that helps individuals and teams combine online presentations with audio and video streams, and make them viewable to anyone, anytime, whenever they want, without much hassle. So, how does it work? That’s exactly what we’re going to find out after the break.


When you first start to use the service, Present.me requires you to sign up for an account, which is a very simple and straightforward process made even easier with Facebook and Google+ integration.

Sign up

Present.me then introduces its dashboard to you, which carries My Home, Explore and Create tabs on top. Under the Create tab, you further get Upload and Record tabs in the main view. The Upload tab lets you choose the type of presentation that you would like to create: Slides and Video, Slides and Audio, Slides only or Video only. You can record the required media type via the built-in record feature. Present.me even lets you quickly upload audio and video files that you already have on your computer, but this feature is only offered with paid accounts.


When it comes to picking your slides, you have two options: either to choose a file from Google Docs, or upload your documents from your computer. There’s support for a variety of formats including PPTX, PPT, and of course, Google Doc. You just need to click the pertaining button to select the required content type.


If you chose to include audio or video as well, you’ll be asked to record one that after uploading the slides. When recording, you are presented with your slides on the left, and you can flip through them while recording. Videos and audio can also be trimmed so that you’re left with exactly the part you need for your audience. Once ready, click End and Review to save the final output. Present.me then saves the presentation to your dashboard. The service doesn’t automatically publish your presentations unless you manually choose to do so yourself.


Presentations can be shared privately or publicly, though the former feature is only available in paid accounts. Sharing presentation is quite easy, as you just need to give your receipts the required URL where the file is located. Presentations can also be tweeted and liked on Facebook, thanks to the deeply integrated social sharing features of this app. Users can also optionally tag their presentations with certain keywords, as well as specify categories for them.


When it comes to pricing, Present.me offers multiple options, each boasting its own additional perks. Full details about what each account type offers are available at their webpage, but in general, the free account has several low limitations such as 60 minutes of recording length, 20 MB file size, 10 recording per month etc. Additional account options include Plus, Team, Business and Enterprise.


Overall, Present.me is a solid platform for easily creating and sharing presentations accompanied by narrative and video recording.

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