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Preview Links & Info On IMDb Without Leaving Current Page [Chrome]

IMDb is always the first source of information for movies and TV series. It helps you find something good to watch, get information on the cast and release date of your favorite upcoming movie or TV show and much more. IMDb is possibly the Wikipedia of TV and Film, and many websites not only credit it as a source, but also link to it when providing details for a movie. If you’re a movie junkie or a film and TV trivia fan, you’ll definitely like the Chrome extension IMDb Info. This customizable extension shows previews of IMDb links within the same tab, allowing you to enjoy a world of information with as little effort as possible. By default, the extension will display previews for almost all IMDb links that point to additional info, but you can choose to skip information about directors, writers, genre, length, titles and much more. Additionally, it lets you add an option to the right-click context menu for quickly selecting and searching text on IMDb.

Once installed, head over to the IMDb website, hover the mouse cursor over a link and a snippet of the page will appear in a pop up.


To add the extension’s search feature to the context-menu, manage the type of links it shows information for, set the delay after which previews are displayed and more, head on over to the extension’s Options.

Here, you will also find an option to enable the extension’s own widget. The widget is basically a pop up that shows details of the IMDb page that a link points to. It opens in the same tab and can be moved around and resized freely. The extension can also preview additional links from one of the thirteen other listed sites, which include Wikipedia, YouTube and Rotten Tomatoes.

IMDb Info options

IMDb Info is possibly one of the most comprehensive IMDb extensions you will find in the Chrome web store. It deals with just about anything and everything related to IMDb and adds a little something extra. The customizable widget is also a nice touch, since it presents a very accurate summary of a movie. Note that the Watchlist preview will work only when you’re logged in to your IMDb account.

The best thing about the extension, however, is that it is very fast. You won’t notice much delay in the pop up or widget’s loading time unless you’ve increased it from the extension’s settings yourself.

Install IMDb Info For Chrome

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