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How To Fix Price Not Available For Extensions In The Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is home to apps and extensions for Google Chrome. It’s a fairly large store but you will often find duplicate/counterfeit apps and extensions. Additionally, a few popular Chrome extensions have been found guilty of injecting ads etc and some have even been hacked. It’s a buyer-beware situation at times. A part from these occasional hiccups, you don’t normally encounter any problems when you download an extension. You really just click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. Sometimes however, the ‘Add to Chrome’ button is replaced with a ‘Price Not Available’ button. This prevents you from installing the extension. Here’s how to get around it.

Fix Price Not Available For Extensions

There are two reasons why you see a ‘Price not available’ button when you try to download an extension from the Chrome Web Store; regional restrictions, purchase limitations. Both really have to do with which country you’re in. A regional restriction is placed by developers who stop users outside a designated area from installing the app/extension. The purchase limitation has to do with whether or not making purchases from the Chrome Web Store is possible in your country.

The simple way around the Price not available problem is to use a VPN. Install a VPN and then visit the extension’s page in the Chrome Web Store. You ought to see the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. Click it and the extension will install.


This will help you get around regional restrictions. If the extension only works in certain areas, it is possible you will need the VPN to use the extension as well. There’s no way to tell which country the extension is available in so there will be a little trial and error. If the restriction is because you cannot buy items from the Chrome Web Store in your country, then you might run into a road block.

You will need a payment method that works in the country where the extension is available and again, you should use a VPN that can guarantee your information will be safe. A VPN will get rid of the Price not available button and if the extension is free you will be able to install it without any problems.

We should also caution you that if you are going to buy an extension and you need a VPN just to download it, make sure it will work in your country. Extensions are normally free, and the rare few that are paid have a trial version so take that for a spin.

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