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PriceBlink Finds The Lowest Price For Products Of Interest [Web]

There are two kinds of shoppers in this world: those that are brand loyal and will stick with a good brand that suits them and will limit themselves to shopping it exclusively, while the second type are the ruthless bargain hunters who love sales, collect coupons and can smell a discount a mile away. If you fall in to this second category and would like to take your shopping away from brick and mortar stores to online retailers, PriceBlink is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer that does the bargain hunting for you. It adds a toolbar at the top of the browser and notifies you not only of ways you can get discounts on a particular e-commerce site, but also checks to see if the item you are currently viewing is available elsewhere at a lower price. When the same item is available on another site(s), the extension also allows you to see what the ratings are on each site from the toolbar and compare prices. Using the PriceBlink service and signing in to it via Facebook, you can add items to your wish list.

PriceBlink adds a flashlight icon next to the URL bar, and it does little more than taking you to the PriceBlink website. When you visit sites like ebay or Amazon, PriceBlink toolbar appears at the top. The service supports a large number of retailers, and you can view a complete list of them from the website itself. When you’re browsing the category page on a site or just a product list page the toolbar displays possible discounts available on the site.

PriceBlink deals

When you visit a product page, the extension searches for the same product and compares prices on other sites. If a cheaper option is available, it notifies you in the toolbar and allows you to compare the prices, check the product’s star rating on multiple websites, check for coupons or add it to your wish list.

PriceBlink ebay

You will notice an obvious slow down when loading a product page caused by the extension and this slow down can get annoying at times. For the handful of searches we did when testing the app, the major price difference was attributed to free shipping available on another site. This might present a problem if said site does not deliver in your area. Overall the extension is good but the toolbar does take up some space in your browser and that is another negative, although a small one since the toolbar can be collapsed to the right by clicking the small cross at the right end.

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