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Easily Convert Web Pages To Print-Friendly PDF Files In Chrome

There’s no doubt that distraction is a fierce enemy of productivity. While surfing the internet, you can easily get distracted by certain obtrusive elements such as Ads, social media widgets, drop-down menus and what not. Previously, we’ve featured various apps and browser extensions like InstaReadTranquility and  TidyRead that chop off pop ups, images, advertisement and other similar distracting elements from webpages in order to provide a clutter-free reading experience. Print Friendly & PDF, on the other hand, is a Google Chrome extension that focuses on trimming such distracting elements specifically for making the webpage print-friendly. It removes all the extra clutter from the webpage, allowing you to email it, convert it to PDF file, or take out a physical print on A4 or letter sized paper . More details after the jump. Print Friendly & PDF is fairly easy to use. After installation, you can click its URL bar icon to instantly optimize the currently open web page by removing all the aforementioned clutter. The overlay window that pops up allows you to specify the text size as well as remove certain images or text snippets from the document. Print Friendly & PDF_Main When you hover over the text, a red ‘click to delete’ link appears nearby, clicking which removes the snippet. Likewise, you can click on individual images in the document in order to delete them. Print Friendly & PDF_Delete There’s also an option to remove all images from the document in one go by simply enabling the ‘Remove Image’ toggle in the top bar. That said, you can Undo any accidental changes with a click of a button as well. The Print preview window carries three buttons at the top-left that allow you to get three different outputs: Print, PDF or Email. It’s nice to have such flexibility and control out of the box, as usually, these are the most common use case scenarios most people require from such an extension. Print Friendly & PDF_Remove Images When you click PDF, Print Friendly & PDF immediately converts the page into a PDF file. You can also specify the page size of your choice using the drop down menu, with A4 and Letter being the two available options available. Click ‘Download Your PDF’ lets you save the file to your computer. Likewise, taking printouts or sending the document via email are equally simple. Print Friendly & PDF_PDF While you may find many extensions at Chrome Web Store that allow you to save pages as PDF, take printouts or send emails, Print Friendly & PDF provide all these functionalities under one roof. Install Print Friendly & PDF from Chrome Web Store

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