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PubMyCal: Manage & Share Your Google Calendar With Just A Click [Web]

While dealing with extensive work loads and faced with the challenge of efficient task management in teams, it is quite useful for professionals to jot down time-relevant events overlaid in a user-friendly calendar simplifying access. The online interface allows portability and access from any device that can be used to sign in and manage challenges. For instance, you want your assistant to fully access the calendar configured according to your requirements while you stay away on vacations. PubMyCal is a simple web application that allows you to easily share calendar lists, which are maintained using Google Docs. In simple words, the fully loaded Google Calendar gets imported to this portal, for sharing beyond this domain ensuring ease of access, resource management and alerts. This can then be shared with friends and colleagues through email, instantly.

To begin using the utility, you must create a new account by clicking Get Started Now. This enables you to create and maintain calendar lists that can be shared with others whenever needed. You will be prompted to allow the app to access any of your Google Accounts. Once you’ve done this step, you are now in a position to fully reclaim your life and its management. Coupled with Holidays and Birthday Reminders, it effectively intervenes in task management, ensuring success and solid results. Click any entry on the personal calendar to observe the planning and strategy to be carried out. Remember to assign entries to various dates in order to fully tap in the resources of PubMyCal.

PubMyCal - Welcome screen

The next step is to specify a date range (by selecting the appropriate start and end dates using the integrated calendar for each field). This would define the interval on the basis of which, information can be viewed and shared. There is no constraint in extracting information over time.

PubMyCal - Calender Access

The Google Calendar viewing tabs are retained within the PubMyCal interface ensuring a resourceful, detail-oriented view. Click any item to see a floating detail box mentioning the title, location, time and notes regarding the selected object.

PubMyCal - Import from GDocs

To share it with ‘people of interest’, you can enter as many recipients as you want. Events will be sent to every email address specified in the relevant field. Moreover, you may change dates, if needed again, by modifying the start and end time on the right. The Event Summary presents itself at the bottom of the screen. Click PubMyCal and your calendar is published!

PubMyCal - Alerts and Settings

For reporting and documentation purposes, it is always useful to retain a hard copy of the online calendar. With the option to set print range, font size, orientation and event details, you may save as well as print the calendar for tracking back later.

Calendar Print Preview - PubMyCal.

All in all, this useful web app is bound to improve time management, collaboration and information transfer within your trusted circle.

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