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RAW: Easily Create Visually Stunning Graphs From Spreadsheet Data

Infographics are just fancy charts, right? I mean sure, they’ve had some nice thought put into making them and they are excellent at visually representing data but  in the end, that’s what they are representing: data. Now, it isn’t easy to make a great infographic but likewise, it shouldn’t be a chore to use your own data in some of the nice layouts that modern graph designs have brought us. Meet RAW, a simple web app that lets you copy paste data, select from a rich list of graphs, and assign your variables to get a great looking graph in the end.

Visit RAW and paste data from an excel sheet. You have two layouts that you can choose to view the pasted data in; a test view and a table view. How you view this data has nothing to do with the graph you’re going to create and is solely to help you read it more easily. The first row of the data is automatically assumed to be a header row so edit the data accordingly before you paste it.

RAW insert data

Scroll down and you will see a list of available graphs. You can add your own but I’d recommend using one of those listed to get a sense of how it works. The app doesn’t automatically pick and assign variables to give you a complete graph. Instead, it tells you to assign them.

Some charts can support 2 – 4 or more variables and they can be both numerical or string. What RAW does is tell you which element of a graph is meant for representing numerical data and which can represent string data. It also analyses the data you pasted and identifies it accordingly. All you have to do is drag & drop it to its respective place.

RAW - map dimensions

Once you’ve appropriated the variables to their respective dimensions, you can customize the appearance of the graph. The width and height of the graph elements as well as the colors can all be changed.

RAW - customize

Once you’re done, you can download the graph in SVG, PNG, or JSON format. Alternatively, you can embed the graph on a website.

RAW is great for two reasons; if you need to create a graph on the go and don’t have the right program available, or perhaps don’t know how to use the one at hand this web app is the answer. Apart from it being platform independent (as far as desktops are concerned) it also makes creating graphs super easy. The other reason to use the app is to create visually unique charts for both online and offline use.

Visit RAW

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