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Recall A Sent Email With Gmail’s New Undo Send Button

If you’re a power user, you might already be familiar with the Undo Send feature that has been part of Gmail for a while. It’s less known among average users because up until a few days ago, it was purely experimental. The feature has now graduated to the stable version of Gmail and it’s a life saver for anyone who has ever accidentally hit the ‘Send’ button only to realize they forgot to attach a file or that they had only written the opening salutation in the email and nothing else. Here’s how to enable it.

Open Gmail in your browser. Under your profile button you will see a cog wheel. Click it and from the menu that opens, select Settings. In the General tab, scroll down to the Undo Send section and check the ‘Enable Undo Send’ option. The Send cancellation period lets you specify how long after an email has been sent that you can recall it. The maximum time limit is 30 seconds.

undo send gmail

Once enabled, when you send an email from within your browser, the notification at the top that tells you an email has been sent will also show an ‘Undo’ button. You can click this button within 30 seconds (depending on the cancellation period you’ve set) to recall the email. If, however you navigate away from the page (switch to a different inbox), you will no longer be able to recall the email because the notification will be dimissed as a result of the page being redirected.

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