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Receive Files In Dropbox From Non-Dropbox Users With A Link

Dropbox isn’t just an exceptionally popular service; it’s one that redefined file syncing, back-up, and sharing. Most of us cannot imagine any other way to have our most important files sync across devices. That’s why it comes as a shock when you have to work with someone who doesn’t use the service and prefers a different one. To each their own but if you’re a Dropbox user yourself, you will want to stick to the service and use its collaboration features over those of other services. Balloon is a simple web app that’s designed to help you out; it acts as an intermediary between the people you want to receive files from but do not use Dropbox and your Dropbox files. Using Balloon, you can set up a simple user friendly URL to share with whoever needs to send you a file and it goes right into your Dropbox.

To use Balloon, create a link by entering a name for your link and click launch.


Share it with whoever you want to receive files from. You can edit the link anytime (but remember to send everyone the new link), and delete it when you’re done receiving files. You can create multiple links if you want to receive files from different people and it’s a good idea to name a link after the person you’re going to share it with because Each link that you create and share results in a folder of the same name being created inside the Balloon folder in Dropbox.


People can send you multiple files via the link and view upload progress on their own ends. The files go inside the Apps>Balloon folder.


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