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Record A Portion Of A Twitch Stream While It’s Still Live

Twitch remains the popular platform for streaming gameplay despite YouTube introducing its own dedicated version for game lovers. People continue to visit the network that’s built to cater to every need a broadcaster or a viewer might have to enjoy a good stream. With the popularity of Twitch, several apps and services have cropped to take advantage of it or build a product on top of it. If you often watch streams on Twitch TV then Oddshot is a Firefox add-on and Chrome plugin that lets you record a portion of stream much like taking a screenshot. You can save it in MP4 format.

Install the add-on if you use Firefox, or go with the Plugin if you prefer to use Chrome. Visit a stream that’s live. You have to go visit the channel page with the live stream. The add-on adds a button next to the URL bar. When you want to take a ‘snapshot’ of the stream, click this button and wait for it to prompt you that’s it’s ready. Once it’s ready, you will see a ‘Take Shot’ button. Click it.


The shot takes a few seconds to capture and when it’s ready, a new tab will open. The tab redirects you to the service behind Oddshot which goes by the same name as the add-on. You can watch the clip on Oddshot and right-click to save it as an MP4 file. The add-on is also capable of downloading an entire stream once it has completed.

It goes without saying that the add-on has potential to be misused but it can also be a great tool to capture a really awesome moment in gaming. It’s up to users to not misuse it.

Install Oddshot For Firefox

Install Oddshot Plugin For Chrome

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