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Reedy Offers Smart Online & Offline Speed Reading [Chrome]

There is a lot of informative, and entertaining content available online and I would love to read it, all of it, but there isn’t enough time. What I mostly end up doing is reading all kinds of interesting stuff that I don’t necessarily have to read but want to, and then trying to catch up on stuff that I should be reading. Reedy is a Chrome extension that can help catch up on reading that needs to be done. It’s a simple browser tool to help you read faster. You choose the words-per-minute speed and select the text you want to read, and it will take care of the rest. It comes with a light and dark reading mode and a very clean interface.

You can use Reedy to read content online or you can paste custom text and ask Reedy to help you read it. The extension adds a panda-wearing-glasses button next to the URL bar. Click it to open the extension’s menu. If you want to speed read text from a file, click the ‘Paste Custom Text’ option and paste your text on the next screen. Click Launch Reedy to begin reading it. To read text from a web page, select it, click the extension’s button and select Launch Reedy.




Click the play button to begin reading, or use the controls to adjust reading speed and theme before you begin. You can increase the font size to make for more comfortable reading, and you can have the text appear as an overlay on the web page that you’re reading from.

Reedy play


So, what makes Reedy so great? Take a look at the extension’s settings and you get your answer. Reedy plays text so you can read it word-by-word but it adjusts the speed such that it starts out slow and then speeds up. It is programmed to slow down when it reaches a punctuation sign, and you can have it change it’s focus point to the beginning of a word when it plays the text. In addition to the options available for reading, Reedy can divide long words into smaller hyphenated ones, and it can insert a pause/gap between sentences. In the Appearance tab of the extension’s settings, you can enable a timer that shows how much time is left until the text runs out among other things.

Reedy settings

Reedy can be activated with a shortcut; Alt+s but if you’ve reserved this shortcut for a different extension, you can go to the extension’s settings and change it.

Install Reedy From The Chrome Web Store 

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