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Relive Your Past Years On Facebook And Instagram In Photos

When Facebook celebrated 10 years of its existence, it did so with a very nice little new feature that allowed used to look back on their own past years on Facebook. Users came away with a really nice video featuring photos and status updates from your past. It was nice revisiting those memories and if you’re nostalgic for something like that, give PastBook a try. It’s a simple little web app that can compile events from any year between 2014 – 2003 on Facebook or Instagram. It searches through your profile and compiles events into an e-album. Needless to say the app will access all your photos if you use it to revisit your Facebook past.

PastBook is simple to use; you start off by picking one year. Next select whether you want to review your year for your Instagram account or for your Facebook account. You will need to sign up for the service. You can sign up using your email but if you create a PastBook for Facebook, you will still end up giving the app access to your information. Once you’re done, click ‘Create Your PastBook’ and wait for the app to curate and present your album.


It doesn’t take very long for the album to be created but as you flip through the pages, you will see that it is slow to load individual posts. The photos are pretty small in the album view and you can’t click to maximize them. You can however click the option at the bottom of the book to view all events and the app will extract and present them in a column format.

moments book

The column view is slightly faster when it comes to loading and you can click a post for a larger view of it. It’s also much faster to go through.


If you really like the album you get in the end, PastBook will print it out for you, for a price. You can edit posts in your album and then have the final product printed. PastBook is available as a web app and as an iOS app.

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