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Remove Angles From A Selfie Pose To Get A Normal Looking Photo

We all take selfies and some people are better at taking them than others. Sure, it takes a hundred shots to get the perfect shot but once you get the hang of it, once you figure out what angles are best for you and how the light should hit your face, it gets easier. You can then move on to bigger things like taking the perfect group selfie. The thing about any selfie is that people in it look good because of the angle they’ve been taken from. It’s hard to tell what a person actually looks like but researchers at Princeton have developed a tool that fixes a ‘selfie pose’ and turns it into a normal one. The app, called RePose, basically fixes the angle and perspective of an image and gives you a more real looking face.

Use a photo that hasn’t been cropped i.e. the top of the head, or the chin shouldn’t be missing. Click ‘Upload Your Own Image’ to upload it. Once the image has been uploaded, click on it to mark the forehead and the tips of both ears. Click ‘Continue’.


Repose will fix the angle the picture was taken from and give you a more realistic photo. If it still isn’t accurate, you can tweak it a bit. Our tests showed pretty accurate results though so unless you have a very angled selfie or one with an exceptionally distorted perspective, the default app settings will do just fine.


RePose works well but the app isn’t very stable. You might have to make multiple attempts to fix just one selfie. During our tests, the app repeatedly failed to upload the photo in question or failed to process it.

If you don’t feel like giving the app your own photos, you can take a look at some of the demo images it has. For tests, I gave up a selfie of my own since I’d know how accurate the results were and they were indeed accurate.

Visit RePose

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  1. Dev here. Sorry about the stability issues! We just made the front page of Reddit and are being hit really hard. We’re working on it!

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