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How To Remove LinkedIn Requests By Keyword In Chrome

LinkedIn is a social network that had potential. There still isn’t anything quite like it and it’s basically an untapped niche that Microsoft is trying to run into the ground. On average, users can expect to get lots of irrelevant network requests including ones that are spam. There’s also no shortage of sales pitches being sent to your inbox. Leave Me Alone is a Chrome extension that was built to deal with LinkedIn spam. It allows you to remove LinkedIn requests and contacts by keyword.

Remove LinkedIn Requests

Install Leave Me Alone – LinkedIn connections cleaner from the Chrome web store and click the extension’s icon next to the URL bar. From the menu that opens, click the little cog wheel button at the top right.

This will take you to the list of keywords the extension uses to filter and remove connections and requests. Anyone who uses these words in their profile will be removed however, you have the option to exclude some of the words and even add your own.

Once you’ve customized the keywords to suit your network and industry, click the extension’s icon and select either the Clean your LinkedIn Invitations or Clean your LinkedIn Connections option.

When you click either of these options, you’re taken to the request or connections manager on LinkedIn. Once you’re on the respective page for the item you want to clean up, click the extension’s icon again and click the Leave me alone button to begin the purge.

We should warn you that you ought to be careful which keywords you use to remove connections and requests. Some keywords are common within certain industries and while you may be using them to remove spam connections, they may also be in use by real, useful connections which you may lose.

Leave Me Alone is a useful tool however, that doesn’t mean you can use it without being careful on your own part. The extension is only going to match words to profiles and requests, and remove them. It can’t tell which of your connections are spam and which are useful. It’s up to you to provide the right keywords, and to not take risks with keywords that might result in useful connections being removed.

The extension is open source and under active development so perhaps it will add additional features such as filtering requests by date, or by number of connections, or how many connections you have in common.

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