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Resumonk Lets You Create Online CVs & Share Them Wherever Needed

Whether you’re hunting for a job, shifting between jobs, maintaining your resume is one of the critical factors that represents you in the professional world. With the progress in information technology, online resume building tools have sprung up from almost every corner, promising beyond their capabilities. Often you may choose a particular tool, fill in all the details with precision, but in the end, the outcome may bring a frown on your face. Hence, we present to you Resumonk, an online resume builder with powerful features like an online short URL generator, conversion to PDF and HTML formats of your resume and more. The free version allows you to select from multiple attractive templates and intelligently analyzes any discrepancies in the data being provided. It shows your result and lets you act, accordingly. Creating, modifying, managing and deleting multiple active resumes had never been so easy!

Resumonk requires you to sign up or create a new account that will be used as a basis for all resumes created by you. After this, an organized dashboard will enable you to specify the resume content. Good resumes are characterized on the basis of content structure, comprehensive outlook and excellent sequencing. To achieve this, it gives you a modular structure on the basis of which, a resume will be built and finished.

Resumonk Workspace

The modules are characterized in accordance with Personal Details, Education, Volunteer Work, Experience and the like. Each module has a Remove option that empties the relevant field. If you need more sections, just scroll down to the bottom of the window to select the section type. To proceed further, click Save and Continue.

Resumonk add section

To ensure uniformity of the overall resume, it is essential to abide by certain rules and regulations. It ensures obedience by highlighting exactly where the error causes lie. Only when you correct these irregularities can you proceed to the preview and save screens.

Resumonk Error Detection

While customizing resumes for various fields, you must consider the order of information in conjunction with the required interest areas relevant to the job description. For example, a mid-level job vacancy would require your work or projects experience following the Educations section. You can tailor your resume according to your needs by dragging and dropping resume layout boxes to set a relevant sequence of data.

Resumonk Customise order

Clicking Save and Continue would lead you to the final screen where you will be provided with a short URL to your resume, Save as PDF or View Online options to ensure that your resume stays one step ahead in terms of effectiveness, sharing and management.

Resumonk  Access

For all job seekers and career enthusiasts, Resumonk promises a swift solution in creating an impact on the relevant target.

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