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Reverse Search A Screen Grab From An Anime To See Which Series It’s From

Anime is an exceptionally diverse genre. It’s hard to talk someone into giving it chance and the sheer landscape of the genre is enough to scare annyone away. Once you do get into the genre though, you are spoiled for choice. WAIT or What Anime Is It is a little web app that anyone new to Anime or well acquainted with the genre might have use with on occasion. It can perform a reverse image search on a screen grab of any Anime and tell you which movie or series it’s from down to the very episode. When it finds the right series, it will play a snippet of the scene the screen grab is from.

Visit WAIT and upload the screen grab or paste a link to the image. The app warns you that some results might be unsuitable for work given it’s Anime. You can enable safe search and prevent a possible awkward situation. By default, safe search is turned Off. To the right of the image preview, there are three options; AutoPlay, Loop, and Mute. AutoPlay is enabled by default and it will automatically play the clip your screen grab is from. The Loop option will play it on repeat if you enable it, and Mute will mute the volume.


The search results may not necessarily be in English or all in English, just parts of it but enough for you to know which series/movie the screen grab is from.


WAIT also has a Chrome extension that you can install if you often need to reverse look-up an Anime. It sounds unlikely that you’ll need to use it too often so the web app should suffice.

The app will not be able to reverse search a poster of an Anime series or movie. In addition to helping you track down which Anime a screen grab is from, WAIT is also incredibly useful if you’re trying to find a particular scene from an Anime without having to go through all it’s episodes.

Visit WAIT – What Anime Is It

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