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Review & Manage Web Services Permissions For Your Major Accounts With MyPermissions Cleaner

Every time we get on the internet, we put our privacy at stake, owing to the fact that the very services we heavily rely on are leaking our private info to third parties. That the data is mostly mined by marketing companies for advertisement purposes, or lately by intelligence agencies like NSA for mass surveillance of internet users. Though recently, a new breed of personal data collection has emerged in the form of app permissions. If you’ve ever used cloud services like Dropbox or SkyDrive and social network such as Facebook and Twitter, and have linked one of your accounts to a new web app, you might already be aware what app permissions are. MyPermissions Cleaner is a web service with a Chrome extension and apps for iOS and Android that lets you quickly clean up any previous app permissions of web apps that you may have granted during sign up process.

MyPermissions Cleaner automatically scans your major online accounts on services like Google, Facebook, AOL, Dropbox, Microsoft, Instagram, Flickr etc. and lets you know what apps have access to your personal data, allowing you to manage these permissions under one roof, as well as revoke the ones you don’t need anymore.

Getting started with the service is plain and simple. You can register an account with MyPermissions Cleaner by specifying your email address and name, and choosing a password. Having done that, MyPermissions begins scanning your browser to check which web apps might have access to your private information.

MyPermissions Cleaner_Scan

Services that have access are then highlighted, with a counter regarding total number of apps appearing next to the icon. MyPermissions also lets you filter the results under the following categories:

  • Action on your behalf
  • Know you location
  • Access your inbox or contacts information
  • Access your files
  • Basic Permissions
  • Other

These filters basically tell you the kind of access an app might have to your private information.

MyPermissions Cleaner_Apps

Now that you know about the apps and their permissions regarding your data, it’s time for the actual clean up. Simply scroll down and you will see the complete list of all these apps. MyPermissions Cleaner offers buttons to remove those you don’t want anymore. You can also edit any current permission via clicking the Edit button.

MyPermissions Cleaner_G

Apps can have their permssions can be revoked, added to your trusted apps that you know to be sage, or reported in case of apps that have violated your privacy. Even after an app has been set as trusted, you can easily change the permission type to distrusted any time you want. To do that, simply hit the Edit button next to the trusted item you need to modify.

Permission Type

Overall, MyPermissions Cleaner is a neat way of reviewing and editing permissions of apps and web services linked to your major online accounts.

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  1. The android app asks for permissions that they have no legitimate need for,such as receive and read sms/mms and nfc as well as all three location permissions. My anti-spy app flagged it for the first time after over six monthhs of use. I have not paid attention to its permissions,since the first time. They do not scan their own app,which I found odd,considering my AV scans itself. There are other things I now find suspect, but the above are enough for me to uninstall. The dev. used to be responsive,but has ignored multiple requests for an explaination. So I flagged them in playstore today and let Google review whether or not they need those permissions for the app to function. I,… know they don’t.

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