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Save eBooks Online Or To Dropbox & Read From Anywhere With QuietThyme

There’s a large number of eBook readers available for both desktop and mobile platforms, and almost an equal number of apps that allow you to convert eBooks from one format to another. QuietThyme is different; it allows you to edit the Metadata of your eBooks, and search for them by title, author name, or ISBN code. It can connect with your Dropbox account and you can upload your favorite ebooks to the service. It will then provide you a link to your catalog that you can be added to an RSS reader, allowing anyone who’s subscribed to it to know when you’ve added a new book. Books can be uploaded to either your Dropbox account or to QuietThyme’s own storage. It also integrates with several popular eBook readers across popular mobile and tablet platforms like iOS and Android.

Sign up for a free QuietThyme account and you can then begin using the service by uploading one of your eBooks, connecting your account to your Dropbox account, or searching for eBooks. There is no proper dashboard for the service; just go to the ‘Books’ tab and click ‘Upload Books’ to select multiple books and upload them. If you’ve connected your Dropbox account with QuietThyme, you will have to choose which storage should be used by default each time you upload a book, under the ‘Settings’ tab.

QuietThyme uploading

QuietThyme will read the metadata for each book, including the cover art. The books you upload will appear under the ‘Books’ tab, where you can also search for books based on title, series, or ISBN code. QuietThyme searches for books online and provides you with links to stores like Amazon where you can buy them.


To edit the metadata of a book, select it from the ‘Books’ tab and it will show you the data saved. At the bottom right, you will find an ‘edit’ button that will allow you to modify this data. You can even upload different cover art or use a book’s title, author name, or ISBN code to search for the metadata and update it.


Lastly, there is the ‘Catalog’, accessible from the ‘Setting’ menu, which is the closet thing you have to a dashboard for the service. It gives you a link to your catalog, tells how many books you’ve uploaded and how much space is being used, and shows which service i.e. QuietThyme or Dropbox is your primary storage area.


QuietThyme claims to have a format converter as well, but it failed to load during our tests. Feature-wise, the service is pretty good, since it makes your books available across different devices and provides you with a neat way to keep things organized. We do feel that the interface isn’t exactly impressive. The feature a lot of users with multiple mobile devices are going to find useful is syncing support for quite a number of eBook readers including Aldiko, MegaReader, and eBook Search, across several platforms. You can see a full list of supported eReaders for your device by visiting the site.

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