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Saving Instagram Photos To Your Mobile Device & Desktop

Instagram is home to some of the best filters and amazing food shots. Most of use Instagram to snap a picture, apply filters, and maybe use the many new photo editing features to make the picture look absolutely perfect, before we share it with the world. For others, Instagram, or rather using Instagram requires additional knowledge of how things work. The app and its backend service are notorious for not supporting upload from any other app or even its own web interface and that’s not all it limits. Saving pictures to your hard drive without needing a third party service or maybe saving your photos to your camera roll is not as obvious or as easy to do as it should be but here are a few fairly simple ways to save Instagram photos.

Save Instagram Photo To Hard Drive

If you’re trying to save a photo to your hard drive from your desktop, it is much much easier to do so. You need to first start off by getting the link to the photo’s page. If the photo has been shared by someone you follow, all you need to do is sign in to Instagram on your desktop and open it there from your home feed.

Next, right-click the photo and choose Inspect Element. The option may differ by name in other browsers but most modern browsers have a web console and that is what you’re trying to access. If you aren’t sure how to bring up the web console for your browser, a simple Google search will help you. With the console open, look for the image URL. It will be enclosed in the src attribute as shown below.

get link

Alternatively, if you’re using Chrome (similar options may be available for other browsers) you can open the web console and go to the Resources tab. Expand the  Frames and then the Instagram folder and click Images. The image file with a long numerical name is the one you’re looking for. Click it in the list and go ahead and save it.


Saving Your Photos To The Camera Roll

Saving your own Instagram photos is far easier. Go to the app’s settings and scroll down. Enable the Save Original Photo option and every photo you upload to Instagram will be saved to an album of the same name, filters and all.

settingssave original

Save Photo Without Uploading

Instgram has great filters and you might sometimes want to use the app just for the sake of applying those filters to get a great photo and not necessarily for sharing. To do so make sure that you have the save option mentioned above turned on. Go ahead and take your photo and apply all the filters to it that you want. When you’re done, bring up Control Center and turn Airplane mode on. Return to the app and tap the option to upload the photo. The upload will fail, of course, but the photo you just created will be saved to your camera roll. You can cancel the upload when it indicates that it has failed. Turn Airplane mode off when you’re done.

Saving Photos Uploaded By Other Users To Your Phone

This is where you need to turn to an app. The app is needed if you want to save photos by other users to your phone without needing your computer in any way to help you get it. The app we’re suggesting is Instagrab (there are many by this or similar names). It lets you save photos uploaded by other users and if you favorite the photo you want to save, it’s all the easier to do.

likes save photo

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