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Get Screenleap’s Easy Screen Sharing Capabilities In Gmail

The Screenleap web app we covered back in 2012 was fun, simple and much easier to use than most other screen sharing solutions that we had seen. The intuitive service required absolutely no installation, registration or software downloads for broadcasting your desktop to others. If you’re a fan of the service or are just looking for an easy way to share your screen with someone else, the service now offers a Chrome extension labeled Screenleap for Gmail™ that adds the same screen sharing functionality right into your Gmail account for easily initiating sessions and inviting others via email. Details after the jump.

For those unfamiliar, Screenleap is a free online service that lets you share your screen with others – either individually or publicly – via sending a small link or a nine digit code to the recipient(s), which they can simply type at the site and immediately start viewing your activity.

Using Screenleap for Gmail is an easy and fun process. To get started, install the extension on your Chrome web browser using the download link provided at the end of this post. Upon navigating to your Gmail account after installation, you will notice a new ‘Screenleap’ option in the menu bar at the top. Clicking this button brings up a small window, from where you can click ‘Share your screen’ to begin broadcasting your on-screen activity.


A Screenleap session can also be launched from the Compose message window in Gmail to quickly initiate a screen sharing session and invite recipients in one go. To do that, click the green screen sharing button added to the window, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenleap message

Regardless of how you initiate the session, a Java Runtime permission window will pop up; simply click ‘Run’ to connect to Screenleap servers. It may take 20 seconds or more before an active connection is created.

Screenleap session

Next up, you’re given a link for sharing the session with others, which you can send to as many people as you want. Another way to share the session is by sending the 9 digit code that can be copied to the clipboard and sent to required recipients via email, IMs or social media. The best bit about Screenleap that makes it standout from other offerings is that neither the sender nor the receiver have to sign-up for the service to commence a screenleap session.

After a session is created, a resizable green rectangle window becomes visible. You can share either your entire screen or only the area visible within the rectangle by selecting any of the available options from drop-down menu. Clicking the ‘Pause sharing’ or ‘Stop sharing’ options allows you to temporarily or permanently stop the session. A counter is also displayed that shows the number of people currently viewing your screen.

Screenleap Sharing

So, the next time you need to quickly share your screen activity with someone, do give Screenleap a try.

Install Screenleap for Gmail from Chrome Web Store

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