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How To Search Inside A YouTube Video In Chrome

YouTube videos, the good and the bad, don’t always get to the point at the very start. Often, there will be an intro which is usually small. It will however be followed by long explanations about why the video was made, and an unnecessarily long discussion about the topic before it actually gets to the point. If you watched a YouTube video and are looking for a particular part, it might be hard to find. You might have to skim through it, play it at twice the speed, or watch it all over again to find what you’re looking for. Invideo for Youtube is a Chrome extension that lets you search inside a YouTube video.

Like any search feature, you enter keywords to search inside a YouTube video. In this case however, the keywords must be a line from the video’s audio. For example, you’d have to search ‘Save Martha’ to find where exactly Batman v Superman turned into a joke.

Search Inside A YouTube Video

Install Invideo for Youtube and visit a YouTube video. You will see an ‘Open Invideo’ button just below the video. Click it to open the search section.

In the search section, type a line that was spoken in the video and tap enter. The extension will not find the entire phrase, but it will find part of it. You can click the search result and jump straight to the part you were looking for.

How Does This Work?

Considering how easy it is to search inside a YouTube video, you might wonder why this isn’t a native feature in YouTube. We can only guess. The extension uses captions to find what you’re looking for. This means the extension, while great on the whole, has two shortcomings.

One, the auto-generated subtitles on a YouTube video aren’t always accurate. Invideo for YouTube can search them but it will not be able to correct any mistakes in it. Second, for videos that don’t have voice over and instead have music playing over them, the extension is useless. Unfortunately, many YouTube videos, especially those that are tutorials follow this format; i.e. music over a screen recording.

Despite these shortcomings, Invideo for Youtube is still a handy extension to have in your browser. Even if the subtitles of a video are slightly off, it can still find something that will help you jump to the right position in a video. You will obviously have better luck with videos that provide their own captions.

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