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Sellfy Lets You Market And Sell Digital Products Online

Want to market and sell your digital products online? With innovative ideas, valuable data and information, you can benefit others and get returns accordingly. Sellfy is an online portal that enables you to upload data (e-books, video, audio, software, etc.) and share it online through your webpage and social media platforms. Now, you can highlight deserving customers and reward them with discounts and offers to create a virtually unique marketing impact. Moreover, a transparent affiliate program promises to improve sales by product promotions. This online utility directly integrates your PayPal account for handling payments, while providing you with user-friendly ‘Buy Now’ buttons ready to be embedded anywhere, online. In addition, you can track and review performance, activity and impact of your campaigns for the better, by adjusting to the customer needs.

After setting up an online Sellfy account, you will be required to register a new product to begin marketing and distributions. The left sidebar provides you with access features as well as help and support.

Add new product Sellfy

From the dashboard, you can create a new product by clicking My Products, which opens a new tab awaiting product specifications. Remember to confirm your PayPal email id, as this would be used by Sellfy for all monetary transactions. It is also important to note that this utility deducts 5% of the monetary transaction as a facilitation fee, so don’t freak out if there are some pennies missing.  Moreover, you can upload a display picture for better marketing, personalization and visibility.

Product Launch Sellfy

You can select the options to Enable social media discounts (as reward for generating activity based on sharing the product) or Create an affiliate program for better linking and tracking leads. Using the slider, you can adjust the commission amount in synchronization with your profit.

Social Media Discounts Sellfy

Click Create product, and a progress bar would then illustrate the implementation status of your product’s virtual existence with emphasis on the uploading speed.

Progress Sellfy

The Buy now buttons and links appear consequently, allowing direct sharing via social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like for better activity generation, while providing the HTML code to embed the attractive button to your webpage. There are multiple button styles available. The short Sellfy link can be opened to see the final preview of the button.

Embed - Sellfy

After approving all details, glance carefully at the link, ready to be marketed. You can always go back and edit any details after formally publishing this button that is bound to do wonders for your PayPal account.

AddictiveTips Special Package Buy Now Button

All in all, Sellfy is an extremely useful online portal meant to reward all those marketing values for the overall good of the customers. It is always advisable to go through the terms of service to avoid any upload violations.

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