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Send Apps From Chrome To Install On Your iPhone

The App Store has thousands and thousands of apps. Installing them is easy enough from an iOS device and a bit clumsy if you do it using iTunes. Where the App Store is amazing for its collection of apps it does fall short of being truly convenient when it comes to installing an app. If you’re wondering what convenience looks like, take a look at how the Google Play Store lets you install apps on Android. You can send an install command from your browser and initiate an app download without ever having to touch your device. Apple doesn’t have anything like that but LookMark is a free iOS app that works with a Chrome extension to give you a similar experience.

LookMark lets you send an app from Chrome on your desktop to the LookMark app on your iOS device. When you tap the app inside the LookMark app, it begins to install.

On Chrome, install the LookMark extension and then navigate to an iTunes App page. You will need to create an account with LookMark so do that first. The extension adds a little circle inside the URL bar which is visible only when you are on an App Store page. Once you’ve signed up, click the extension’s icon. It will report the one app it has found with it’s name and publisher name.


To send the app to your iOS device, simply turn the switch on next to the app’s name.


On your iPhone, install the app and sign in. It will populate with a list of all apps that you sent to it from your browser. Tap an app to open it inside Lookmark and tap ‘Get’ to purchase and install it. Once an app has been installed, it doesn’t automatically disappear from the list. To remove an app from the list, swipe left and tap Delete.

lookmark-list lookmark-remove-list

LookMark also works as an iOS extension so if you want to bookmark an app and install it later (like when you’re connected to a WiFi network), you can use the share action menu to send it to the app.

send-app-lookmark app-lookmark

Install Lookmark From The App Store

Install Lookmark From The Chrome Web Store

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