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Share Any Web Image To Facebook Wall Or Page From Chrome Context Menu

Facebook may be a social network for most of us, but we often overlook that it is also used as an online identity. It lets us sign in and use web apps, services and participate in online forums. Most, if not all of us benefit from our Facebook ID in this regard; we can share articles that we find interesting and our friends know when we’ve left a comment on a website or forum. For websites that have mostly, if not purely, picture content, we can use our Facebook ID to share images. Now imagine wanting to share an image from anywhere on the web, without having to copy and paste its source URL. Upload Photos To Facebook Pages is a Chrome extension that lets you share images on your Facebook profile or to one of the pages you manage from any webpage via the right-click context menu.

Upload Photos To Facebook Pages adds an upload button next to the URL bar. You will need to be signed in to your Facebook account and the first time you use the extension, you will have to authorize it to connect with your account. When granting the extension permission, you will have to allow it to post on your behalf or it is useless and if you plan on using it to post to your Facebook pages you will have to give it access to your pages as well. These options appear as options you can skip but skipping them renders the extension useless.

To sign in and authorize the app, right-click an image and select ‘Upload to Facebook’ from the context menu. You will be prompted to sign in to Facebook and allow access to the extension.

Upload Photos To Facebook Pages

Once the extension is authorized, it’s icon next to the URL bar will list your profile and any pages that you manage. When you share an image, you will be able to select where to share it to, i.e. your page or your profile, or both. The extension also lets you add a description to the image you’re sharing; the description box appears after you select the share option from the context menu and hitting ‘Ok’ posts it. You cannot mention anyone in the description box.

Upload Photos To Facebook Pages description

The image will appear immediately on your profile or page and goes inside an album named after the extension. It’s exactly as if you had downloaded an image and then uploaded it to your profile except this way you cut a lot of corners. The extension might not be for everyone but for those who manage one or many Facebook pages, it can be very helpful.

Install Upload Photos To Facebook Pages From Chrome Web Store


  1. All the chrome extensions is very helpful and makes browsing more easy but the problem is that when you add or install the chrome applications it will show your browsing activity,physical location,track you etc to all other webistes, so its a bit risky to use.

    • In this case, use either Firefox or SRWare Iron (which is like Chrome, but it respects your privacy).

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