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Silk Lets You Build A Social Website For Any Sort Of Content

Nowadays, there’s never a lack of new things to see and read on the internet. There are billions of websites overloaded with information for users absolutely for free, and quite a handful of publishing platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger to let people easily write to the masses about any topic they want. One thing that’s really vital to your online presence is the presentation of your work, because no one likes to read dull and unsorted data that lacks purpose and meaningfulness. That’s what its developers had in mind when they created Silk – a web app that overcomes the difficulties faced by users for presenting information in a meaningful way, and storing whatever they want to share online.


On its basic level, Silk allows you to create your personalized webpage that’s accessible through a subdomain on the service’s website. You can then embed all sorts of content into your page such as images, charts, video, map etc., to add meaning and structure to it. To get started with Silk, you first need to register an account by providing your site’s title, your name, email address and password. Silk then gives you your personalized web space, where you can upload and share your collections free of cost.

Sign up

Everything you can achieve with Silk is done via its dashboard. From here, you can create pages and customize their look and feel to your heart’s content. The Dashboard presents a blank canvas upon signing up for the first time, and to add new content to your page, you first need to create a new collection by specifying its name followed by hitting ‘Add’. The dashboard also lets you configure a few account-related settings as well as use the Silk bookmarklet to easily add new content to your Silk site.

Dashboard Main

Coming back to the collections, there’s practically no limit on the number of collections you are allowed to create. After adding a new collection, you can add a few pages to it, and then insert different types of content into the pages.


Clicking a page opens up the main editing area, where you can design and present your content as you wish.  While editing a page, you can find an ‘add your first tag’ button on top, clicking which lets you enter important bits of information about the subject of your page. You can associate any page with multiple tags, though make sure there’s a connection between each tag and the page, so the overall subject of your topic doesn’t confuse your readers.

The rest of your page can be filled with different media just like you would create a normal web page. You can click the + button anywhere on the page and choose the type of widget you would like to add such as Text, Image, Video, Chart etc. Silk also allows you to associate that page with a custom image of your choice.

Page Edit

Building a site isn’t the only fascinating feature that Silk offers, but you can also share it with other people on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as invite your friends to become editors of your pages. Each user can follow other Silk members in a manner similar to Twitter, and in turn, get a daily or weekly digest from their followed site.


I am excited to see Silk’s offering in the free web development and hosting arena. They have built a neat platform where anyone can publish anything they want for free and add meaning to their content. So, overall Slik is definitely worth giving a shot.

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  1. have you ever analyzed the ads that show up on your site in different geos? time to change adsense to something else. 🙂

  2. I found the title misleading. I was expecting a cms that focused on custom online communities, not half a cms that creates pages and let’s you share them on facebook…

    • There is a social aspect to it more than just sharing in that it lets you invite your friends to become editors of your pages selectively, and contribute to them. People can also follow each other and get a digest of updated content by those they’re following in email.

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