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Create, Share & Collaborate On Photo Albums In Original Quality With SimpleNeat

Sharing photos shouldn’t be such a hassle these days when we have smartphones with us all the time, have access to fast internet connections, and live in a connected world of social media. But the problem is, a lot of bulk image sharing websites are simply loaded with so many complex features that it becomes tough to understand what that umpteenth option actually does. SimpleNeat aims to solve this by offering a photo sharing solution that should be dead simple to use, with no intrusive UI elements here and there to confuse users. The result is a web app that’s one of the easiest (if not the easiest) ways to quickly share photos that we’ve come across so far. And it’s free too! Continue reading to learn more about this service and how to use it.

Creating your presence at SimpleNeat is actually simpler than you may think; you just need to register an account by providing your email address and name, along with choosing a password. There’s no confirmation email or verification process to waste your time; once registered, you can immediately begin uploading photos.


The process of uploading images to the site is actually very easy too. To do that, you first need to create an album by clicking ‘Create Album’ at the top, and then giving it a name or title of your choice. You can also specify whether others can also upload photos to your album or not. Collaborative albums can be shared among others via email or their link shown under ‘Share Album’.

Once the album has been setup, you can upload your desired images from your PC either via simple drag-and-drop, or by clicking ‘Browse’ in the small sidebar located at the left side, followed by specifying the files. The uploaded items then start appearing in the album right away, and you can also give the pictures custom names and descriptions.

A handy bit about SimpleNeat is that the original size, dimensions and quality of the photos is preserved, allowing the recipients to download the exact same image as it was uploaded to the site. Photos can also be viewed directly from SimpleNeat’s built-in photo viewer.

SimpleNeat Dashboard

SimpleNeat currently offers three different subscription plans: Free, Event and Pro. Free account holders will have to make up with advertisement, as well as having their photos stored for one month only. Users who want to remove ads and the time limitation can subscribe to the Pro account $4.95 per month. Lastly, the Event plan is available at $29.95 for a 2-years subscription, and is meant for uploading images of special occasions like weddings, parties, reunions, and the like.

SimpleNeat Accounts Type

There’s no shortage of image sharing services, and you will easily find several alternatives with more features and perks, but if you need a barebones and completely hassle-free solution, then SimpleNeat is a nifty option.

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