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Skip Images You’ve Already Seen When Browsing The Imgur Gallery [Chrome]

Imgur is a site created by a Redditor who was upset there was no service built specifically for catering to Redditors who wanted to share pictures. The service was a huge hit with the Reddit community and a majority of images shared on Reddit are shared by uploading them to Imgur. This isn’t to say that Imgur doesn’t have its very own, non-Reddit userbase. It does and many people simply browse User Sub or the gallery when they run out of blue links on Reddit. Seen It is a Chrome extension that works on Imgur; it indexes the images you’ve seen and as you’re clicking to the next picture in the gallery or in a sub, it automatically skips the ones you’ve already seen. Not only does this prevent you from having to look at an image more than once, it also saves you the time and bandwidth it would have taken to load the image.

Once installed, Seen It adds a monocle and mustache icon in the Omni bar. Click it to open its small options’ menu. You can enable skipping, saving seen images (URLs only), and clear the saved seen images.

seen it

Once installed, Seen It will work start collecting links of the images you’ve seen and will not let you see the same image again from that point forward. Since the extension identifies images from their URLs, you will still see any and all re-posts because they will have a different URL. The extension doesn’t skip an image if you previously viewed it via a direct link. If you open an Imgur link that you bookmarked, or you specifically open it from an external link (i.e. from Reddit), the extension will not skip it.

Install Seen It From The Chrome Web Store

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