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Get A Free VPN Right Within Chrome With Spotflux Safe Browsing

Many of us surf the internet on unsecured Wi-Fi or wired connections, completely unaware that our data can easily fall in the wrong hands. If securing the network that you’re using isn’t an option for you because you have to rely on public and open networks a lot, using a VPN is highly recommended to keep your traffic encrypted and secure from prying eyes. Virtual Private Network (or VPN, for short) provides you with a secure channel that emulates a physical private network for your online communication, while still utilizing your existing connection, and you can access files and resources through the VPN as if you were accessing them over your secure, private network, rather than on the physical network you’re using. This way, using a VPN can also be a solution to accessing online content otherwise not available or blocked in your country. Many VPN apps either come as desktop clients or web-based dashboards, but Spotflux Safe Browsing aims to provide VPN tunneling right in your Google Chrome web browser. For those unfamiliar with the company, Spotflux is a very popular name in the VPN arena that already offers desktop and mobile apps of the service.

Many VPN services comprise of paid monthly plans, or have a free subscription based on limited set of options. Spotlfux, on the other hand, gives users unlimited VPN tunneling at zero cost, although it offers paid subscription to users who want some extra features like ad-blocking, enhanced privacy and advanced security features.

The company offers the Chrome extension as a viable solution for those who wish to encrypt their entire internet connection and protect their privacy and security from common internet threats, such as malicious scripts, identify theft, hacking etc. The extension encrypts your inbound and outbound traffic via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and swaps your physical IP address with a virtual one. It achieves this by connecting your computer to Spotflux’s global security cloud.

The extension, which does everything on its own once installed, places its icon in the URL bar, and automatically kicks into play when your fire up Chrome. The extension doesn’t provide any option other than letting you run it in incognito mode, or upgrade to the premium account. But even the free plan, which Spotflux refers as Spotflux Lite, should suffice for most users’ needs.

Spotflux Safe Browsin

As stated earlier, Spotflux Safe Browsing automatically hides your real IP address, and lets you anonymously browse the web. Not only will this allow you to securely open websites without leaving any traces, but you will also be able to access web pages or services that are otherwise blocked or not offered in your country.

Spotflux Safe Browsin_IP

All in all, Spotflux is a great VPN solution for those looking for one for their Chrome web browser only, rather than enabling one for all online activity from their computer.

Install Spotflux Safe Browsing for Chrome


    • No, you just need to click on the icon to bring up the panel and click “Pause Protection” to disable and “Resume Protection” to enable

    • 1.) Click the green icon to bring up a panel
      2.) There should be a “Pause Protection” button on the bottom right hand corner

      Keep in mind that the add-on will automatically re-connect itself if you open a new tab, so if you absolutely want to disable it, make sure to do so for every tab. Otherwise, its good practice to have it enabled. You never know what threats are lurking around!

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