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Spread Helps You Speed Read Selected Text From Any Website [Chrome]

Speed reading is a technique that attempts to increase rate of reading without greatly reducing comprehension or retention. There are many apps out there that claim to speed up your reading, or at least teach you how to do that, However, most of these solutions are either paid or too complicated. Spread, a Chrome extension, has been designed to improve your reading speed by loading selected text into a neat pop-up, letting you read articles faster. It also offers customization options for reading speed, number of characters and font size. Not only does this nifty little tool provide you with a great way to speed read through text, but also read text without any clutter or distractions. After installing the extension, simply highlight text and select the right-click context menu option to start speed reading.

To start off, highlight text and select the Speed read selection option from the right-click context menu to open your desired text in a pop-up window with multiple controls.

right-click context menu

When you hit the Play button, the extension displays the text in segments. You can then adjust the speed (characters per minute), the font size and number of characters. By default, the speed is set to 9720 cpm, which is very fast, so you might want to decrease the speed initially.


The extension will take substantial time to set up. The options are easy enough to understand but finding the right speed for yourself isn’t easy. You will no doubt have to try several variations  before you find one that is comfortable for you. If you’re in a hurry to read something, you will again have to readjust the speed so that you can read faster but still be able to comprehend what you’re reading.

The font size appears to have an upper limit though it doesn’t say so in the description. The maximum limit leaves quite a lot of blank white space on all four sides of the text and is an obvious waste. Whatever the upper limit is, it should be increased.

The extension is easy-to-use and gives you a great way to improve your reading speed. It can particularly be useful for people that have to do a lot of reading or research. Grab it at the link provided below.

Install Spread For Google Chrome

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