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Stop GIFs From Playing Until They’ve Fully Loaded [Chrome]

The internet has a love-hate relationship with GIFs; we can’t wait for them to load and the longer they take, or the more they lag when playing the angrier we get. On the other hand, one good GIF can say what a thousand well-thought out comments cannot. It’s safe to say that Imgur is the only one that understands our needs for great GIFs but even with its new GIFV format, users still experience that dreadful load delay and the choppy playback that is a result of a file still loading. Gif Delayer is a Chrome extension that stops a GIF image from showing until it is fully loaded. Meant specifically for users who are not willing to wait a few seconds for it to finish loading, the extension doesn’t speed up the loading time but makes for a less frustrating experience.

Once installed, Gif Delayer will work entirely in the background and any time you click on a GIF image, you will see a message that says the image is loading.


It requires no intervention on your part and once the GIF has loaded fully, you can watch it start to finish, and then endlessly on loop for as long as you want. It works on Imgur obviously but will work on every other service that can play GIFs as well as for a GIF opened directly. Additionally, it also works with the GIFV format.

Fair warning; this is not in any way going to make the wait for the GIF to load any shorter. It’s also likely you get tired of waiting for the GIF to load and decide to jump to the next image. What it does is simply prevent you from viewing a GIF before it’s ready to play from start to end, without a hiccup or load delay.

Install Gif Delayer From The Chrome Web Store

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