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Invoice To Me: Template Based Invoice Generator For Small Businesses [Web]

Running a small business has its advantages but it also has its downsides such as not having large cash flows. Keeping costs low is important and that’s why in smaller businesses, one person wears many hats. If one of those hats is the accountant hat, and if you’re running a one-person business you may struggle with the simplest things such as creating a professional looking invoice while trying your best to not hire a real accountant. Invoice To Me is the answer for just such a problem. It gives you a pretty good, printer ink conserving, professional template that you can edit to add your own business name, address, customer details, purchase particulars, and more to. When you’re finished, simply export the file as a PDF and send it (or print and send) to your customer.

One look at Invoice To Me and you will know how to use it instantly. Every single text field can be edited and replaced with your personal particulars. Each time you open the web app, the template opens with the current date. It’s little things like this that make the app really good. Your invoice can contain as many items as you need. You can add or remove rows from the invoice using the buttons on the left.

invoice generator

Apart from the simple and clean template, what I really love about Invoice To Me is that it even has a built-in calculator for the tax rate. You can enter the rate and the app will apply it automatically to the invoice total. It also sums individual items in the invoice itself to give you that total eliminating any chance of errors. For any fields that you don’t want to include in the invoice, you can simply let them stay blank. All text fields are editable and that means you can add your own customized message or leave it out completely in addition the many other changes you can make. If you’re using OS X, you can take this PDF, and insert your digital signature using the Preview app. There are no watermarks whatsoever on the final PDF file.

If I had to nit pick, the only flaw with the app, or rather the PDF is that it doesn’t leave a little space at the top in case someone might want to insert a company logo but that really is the worst of it.

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  1. The worst thing is that you CAN NOT put more than 1 item. The calculator doesn´t work!!! Only once!
    And another one is that you text in other language, the accents appears like an error.

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