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Too Long, Didn’t Read Extension For Chrome Summarizes Long Articles

There is so much content on the internet now that it gets fairly tough to read all the stuff you find online. If you have a ton of content to consume, let’s say, articles, blog posts and news stories, then a rather effective way would be to skim through article you find interesting and then jump to the next. The Google Chrome extension TLDR – a clever connotation of the popular expression ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’  which you’d usually find on various internet forums – lets you do just that by automatically creating a summary of any web article you want to read. TLDR can be used to quickly sift through blog posts, news articles and the like without leaving much on the original story.

TLDR can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store, and it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Once installed, the extension adds an Omnibar icon clicking which makes the magic happen. The extension provides a streamlined way to get a condensed synopsis of the articles you need to quickly read. The extension is powered by Liquid Helium and supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, and French.


When you find an interesting article, click TLDR’s Omnibar button, the plugin takes a few seconds to analyze the content. During this time, a small ring pops up on the page indicating that the content is being prepared for you.

Once this process completes, TLDR creates four different summarized versions of any web page. The executive summary is approx. 350 words in length, while the additional three synopsized versions cover about 25%, 50% and 75% of original article. You can easily navigate between any summary you want via the navigation buttons to the left side. You can also view the original article which doesn’t chop down anything from the source material, as well as find other similar content to the one you’re reading by clicking ‘find more like this’ button.


TLDR also carries a few configuration settings in Options, where you can specify default TLDR length to be shown when an article is summarized (Summary, Short, Medium and Long), toggle images and whether to allow content summarization on secured web sites (Yes, No, Warn Me).


Install TLDR from Chrome Web Store

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