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Trigger Actions Across Multiple Apps To Automate Your Workflow With Zapier

Productivity is not a one-app job. Over the course of a normal workday, we use different apps to get things done and often our tasks are redundant. The only way to deal with redundant work is to automate it and Zapier is an app that helps you connect productivity apps like Slack, Salesforce, Trello, and more. The app lets you define events that, when they occur in one app, will in turn trigger actions in one or more apps. What sets these event triggers and their actions apart is that it isn’t limited to being a simple trigger and action between two apps, instead, one trigger can cause an action across multiple apps.

Zapier has been around for a while and did more or less the same thing as IFTTT. As of today however, the service has added a new feature they’re calling ‘Multi-zaps’. A zap is a simple trigger-action event that you create by connecting two apps and a multi-zap is a trigger that causes an action event in more than one app. The feature saves you the trouble of having to set up a separate a ‘zap’ for every app you want to connect to a single trigger.

A multi-zap starts with a trigger app that you add an action for, for example; if you share a photo on Instagram, it’s shared to your Twitter account as well. To turn this into a multi-zap, simply click the plus button to add the second app. You will end up with one trigger causing an action across different apps.


Multi-zap is available for Zapier users on the free plan on a fourteen day trial period and is available to all premium users. Given the apps that Zapier supports, i.e. MailChimp, Salesforce, Slack, etc, a multi-zap is something power users and small to mid-level business can benefit extensively from.

Besides the fact that a multi-zap will declutter and reduce the number of ‘zaps’ you have to set up, it also makes the process much simpler. Zapier lets you add filters between any two actions giving you all the more control over the apps you’ve connected. What’s more is that Zapier lets you connect multiple accounts of the same app, e.g., multiple Twitter accounts or multiple Instagram accounts when creating a Zap. For businesses, Zapier has just become a must-have app.

Check Out Multi-zaps

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