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Import Social Media Photos To Cloud Services & Access From Anywhere With Trovebox

Smartphones these days are packed with super-fast processing power and a camera that easily matches performance of a mid-end digital snapper. This means people like spending more time taking photos with their phones now, than making phone calls. Since taking photos and sharing them over the internet has become quite an everyday chore, image sharing services like Instagram, Imgur and Facebook have taken the gauntlet for the task to provide us with platforms to share all our digital images on. Though if you use such many of these services, you might be looking for a way to bring all your photos uploaded to these sites together in a single place. Trovebox provides you a helping hand with exactly this. It’s a web app that lets you import photos to its cloud server and share them among your loved ones, all from one place.

The service aims to provide a single hub for accessing your photos that are stored on different websites. It even facilitates to host photos on your personal cloud storage accounts at Dropbox, Box.net, CX and Amazon S3. To use Trovebox, you’re required to create a user account with the service first. You can easily do so using your email address.


Trovebox asks for some credentials during the sign up process, which comprises of entering your email, password, username, and your preferred service plan. If you want to opt for your own cloud storage account such as Dropbox, you can select it from here. Otherwise, leaving it to default would use Trovebox’s own server.

Trovebox_Sign up Screen

Trovebox also allows you to import your current photos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr (paid plan only) in a few simple steps. Though it also includes options for uploading them directly from your PC, which is quite easy for anyone; you just need to drag and drop your image to the Trovebox’s interface in order to upload them to the service. You can tag your photos, create albums, and set view permissions as private or public. That said, the service also allows you to include copyright license information for your photos prior to upload.

Trovebox_Upload From Computer

Free account users can only view up to 100 photos a month. However, there’s no limit on the number of total uploads. To bypass these constraints, you can opt for a paid plan. When viewing a photo, you can share it with your friends on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Trovebox_View Photos

For those who want to stay connected to the service on the go, Trovebox also offers iOS and Android apps.


The interface of both these apps sports pretty much the same design language, and allow you to view and sync your photos in an intuitive and instant manner.


I wouldn’t call Trovebox a unique web app, but its fascinating interface and ease of use makes it worth giving a shot. The basic account is free while the paid plan will set you back $30 a year for access to unlimited number of your photos each month, the ability import pictures from Picassa and SmugMug (coming soon), and more.

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