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How To Turn Off “On This Day” Memories On Facebook

Facebook has a feature called ‘On this day’, which basically shows you memories from the same day from previous years. This is, for the most part, a harmless feature that reminds you of the good times, lets you share them again, and gives you a simple way to find and audit embarrassing posts on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it can also dig up painful memories and put them at the top of your news feed first thing in the morning. Here’s how you can turn off ‘On this day’ memories on Facebook.

There are two ways to turn off painful memories from surfacing on Facebook. You can disable the On This Day feature altogether, or you can selectively remove memories about a particular person or date. If the memories that keep surfacing aren’t related to a person but to an event or perhaps your pet, your best course of action is to turn off On This Day memories.

Turn Off “On This Day” Memories

On your desktop, visit Facebook and from the column on the left, expand the Explore section. Look for Memories and click on it.

On the Memories screen, You will see two buttons at the top; Notifications, and Preferences. The Notifications button will allow you to turn off notifications and in effect turn off these memories. If you want to summarily turn them off, this is what you need to do.

If you want to selectively filter out certain people or certain dates from memories, click the Preferences button.

This will open a little pop-up that allows you to pick certain people to exclude from memories, as well as dates. You can use either one, or both to filter what you see in your memories.

On the Facebook apps, go to the hamburger tab and tap Memories. On the Memories screen, tap the cog wheel button at the top right.

This will open a little menu with two options; Notifications, and Preferences. If you want to disable memories completely, go to the Notifications screen and turn them off. If you want to exclude certain people and/or dates from memories, go to Preferences and add the exclusions.

That’s about it. The settings sync from the website to the apps. If you add exceptions or change your notification settings for memories on the Facebook app, it will apply to the website and vice versa.

If you don’t want to turn off memories completely, but have recent memories that you do not want to see again, exclude memories from the previous year which are normally the highlight image in your feed.

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  1. Thanks for these tips.

    I have already unchecked memories notifications, few months ago and in the On the day preferences, I have zero people and zero dates, but wanted to ask, if you maybe know, why I am still receiving from time to time, suggested memories in the news feed? Not every day, but occasionally, twice or three times per month, facebook is still reminding me if I want to share some memories…….. On my news feed I am receiving these reminds, not on notification bar.

    Thanks in advance ☺️

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