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Tweak Ready-Made Logos To Quickly Create New Ones With GraphicSprings

Logos can be expensive to get designed by a professional but since they form perhaps the most important visual part of your brand’s identity, almost anyone will tell you to invest in a logo and it will be worth it. The problem is, what to do for a logo when you’re strapped for cash and not sure if your company or brand will even be around in six months? Many people will still pay to have a logo made, though they will likely pay little and may not like what they get for it. GraphicSprings is a web app that lets you create a logo using one of its existing images. You might think you’ll just get a few generic and unsightly options to choose from, but the app actually offers some very good artwork, which can be used both generically and for specific business types. The logo is fully customizable; you can add effects to every little component of the logo and change its colors. Text can also be customized. The final output can be downloaded in JPG, PNG, JPEG, and SVG format.

Start off by selecting a logo that suits your business; just go through the listed logos and click the one that relates best to your brand. Logos can be searched by keyword or narrowed down by category.

graphicsprings select logo

Once you’ve selected a logo, you will enter the editing area. The toolbar at the top is all you’ll need to edit the logo and text. You can reset both the logo and the text any time by clicking either the ‘Reset’ button at the top, or the refresh button that appears when you select the logo.

To start editing, click any component of the logo that you would like to change. In the following screenshot, we started out with a bamboo stalk that was a mustard yellow. Click any part of the logo and move your mouse over the color spectrum at the top. The color you select from it will be applied to the selected part of the logo. You can apply the same color to other parts as well, by either pasting the color code in the area provided, or selecting one from the recent colors that are listed to the right of the color code box. Follow suit for the text you enter.

edit logo

You can add effects to the logo as well, and that too, to each part individually! Select a segment of the logo and from the ‘Effects’ button, add a stroke, bevel, glow, and shadow effect. These effects are all customizable – you can choose the distance, thickness and color of the effects.

graphicspring tools

effects beveleffects gloweffects strokeeffects shadow

When you’ve fully customized the logo, click the ‘Download Logo’ button. You can preview it before downloading and return to make any changes. GraphicSprings asks you for the format you want to download the logo in. The final output is free of any watermarks and ready to be used.

We covered a somewhat similar tool called LogotypeCreator last year that also lets you create and customize logos, but it gives you geometric shapes to choose from and there are fewer customization options. GraphicSprings has ads but is otherwise an excellent choice for quickly creating a decent-looking logo.

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