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Tweetbits Organizes Your Favorite Tweets Into Categories In An Awesome UI

Nothing beats Twitter when it comes to micro-blogging. The service has proven to everyone that much can be said in 140 characters, and the ability to gain a strong following online is very much plausible for anyone who puts the effort into it (you might have heard of them Twittelebrities). Twitter fame aside, letting you organize your favorite Tweets isn’t exactly a strong point of Twitter when it comes to its native features. And if you’re one of those people who love favoriting one tweet after another, you would know how tedious it can becomes to find a particular previously favorited tweet from the list at a future point. Enter Tweetbits – a third-party web app for Twitter that lets you organize your favorite tweets by grouping them in custom categories.

When I took the service for a spin, I found its user-friendly UI quite fun to navigate. The simplistic design may lead you to believe it’s a basic program, but it’s actually quite powerful, offering a handful of useful features. And what’s more exciting is the fact that its responsive design works equally great on large PC monitors, tablets, as well as smartphones.

Tweetbits - organizing Twitter

To get started with Tweetbits, click ‘Twitter Sign in’ at the service’s homepage. You will then need to authorize Tweetbits to access your Twitter account by signing into it and provide the app the required permissions.

Tweetbits_ Authorize an application

You will then be taken to the main dashboard of Tweetbits, which is well-optimized for both mouse cursor and touchscreen navigation, and the big, bold buttons fit nicely under fingertips even on phone screens. Upon entering your dashboard, Tweetbits begins loading your favorite tweets and displays them under the Favorite Tweets tab. You can also Archive a tweet if you want to read it at some later time. Likewise, Archived items can be easily restored from the pertaining tab.


The first step towards organizing your favorite tweets is creating categories for them. For instance, you may want all favorite tweets from technology-related accounts under a Tech category. Tweetbits allows you to set any name you want for your categories. Simply click the ‘Create New Category’ button, type the name of your choice, choose its tab’s color, and hit Create.

New Category

All you categories appear in the left sidebar, allowing you to quickly navigate between them. Next, its time to actually fill up the categories with your desired tweets. To do that, click and hold on the small green button next to any tweet, drag it over the desired category, and let go. You can drag and drop as many tweets as you want to any categories you have configured, in a similar fashion.

Tweetbits Drag

Tweetbits also allows you to delete any existing category as well as any individual tweet anytime you want, by clicking the small trash icon.


Tweetbits currently offers two types of subscription plans: Free and Pro. Free users are only allowed one Twitter account, a maximum of two categories, and up to 50 tweets in each category. The Pro account rids you of  all these limitations and also offers some additional features at $10 per month.

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  1. Thanks for the write up, just found your post here. It looks great and we couldn’t describe our app any better. There’s a huge update and feature coming next week, we will keep in touch on Twitter so you can let your readers know when they can organize even more, not just favorite tweets, but every bits if it 🙂 cheers!

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