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Twitter Pulse: View & Filter Most Tweeted Content For Any Website [Chrome]

Only a few days ago, we covered Plus Comments, a Chrome extension that let you view what others are saying about a particular website on Google+. Twitter Pulse is a similar tool that displays up to 10 URLs that have been tweeted the most for the domain you are currently viewing. Moreover, these tweets and articles can then be filtered by different time intervals, such as Now, 24Hours, 7Days, Month and All. Twitter Pulse lets you find popular social content and gives you the ability to see the latest Twitter buzz for your favorite websites. The extension adds a button in the URL bar, which you can click to view articles that have been retweeted the most for the currently-viewed page. Twitter Pulse collects and organizes tweets for popular articles and arranges them in a pop-up, with multiple options.

After you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar to view the most tweeted posts for a website. Each item comes with a tweet count, link and title of the post. When you click an item, you will instantly be redirected to the original article, which you can then read, comment on or tweet.


The extension gives you an aggregate overview of an entire domain and for that , ten results are not enough. The filters are a good work around but they too are limited to ten results only. Should the developer choose to incorporate a more personal view for a page, i.e. allow users to sign into Twitter and see which of their followers or the people they are following have tweeted a particular link, it would make the extension marginally better.

Interface wise, the panel appears slightly oversized. The tweet count in particular can do with a little slimming down. Since space in the browser is rather limited, having a panel that size open for any purpose isn’t practical.

Twitter Pulse is a handy utility that allows you to find popular content for any website. The extension will let you discover the latest Twitter trends and find the best videos, articles or images for any website.

Install Twitter Pulse For Google Chrome

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