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Until AM: Mix Music From Your Local Drive Or SoundCloud [Web]

Mixing music and experimenting with sounds isn’t something as simple as creating a playlist (or a mix tape?). It’s a lot of experimentation, it requires a good ear, and a pretty good idea of what you’re doing. It also requires the use of complex and costly software which is worth investing if you know you’re going to use it, and use it frequently. For anyone just curious about mixing music and trying their hand at being a DJ, there is Until AM, a simple web app that lets you mix any two songs either from your local drive or from SoundCloud. You can increase or decrease the playback speed, independently control the volume of each song, and manage the delay for each one.

To add a song, use the tabs on the right column. There is one for SoundCloud complete with a search bar, and another for selecting local MP3 files. Browse for the file you want to use or search for a song in the SoundCloud tab.

Select the song and drag it on to the disc area. Click the play button next to a disc to play the song. The speed controls for each respective song are next to it and duly labelled. You can speed up playback or slow it down. The song’s progression can be tracked from the progress bars at the top. The name of the song being played in each disc is displayed at the top of each progress bar.

until AM

Scroll down for the Delay settings and use the mouse to select a delay point. The delay is charted between Reverb and Echo and the changes to the sound can be heard live as you play with these, or any other type of settings.

A single control in the middle lets you ‘mix’ the two songs. By default, the mix is set to evenly mix both songs but you can change to suit your own taste. The two sliders in the middle let you manage the volume for the two songs, again independently. Until AM is pretty basic but it’s great for playing around with just your local music and giving DJ-ing a try without having to understand (or buy) complex software.

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