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How To Use Netflix Parental Controls To Manage Content

Netflix has a dedicated profile for kids. It applies some filters to the content that kids can search for, and access. For example, if you select the Kids profile, you cannot look for and watch The Punisher. You can however watch Friends which may not be suitable for kids of all ages. Netflix has parental controls to control what kind of content your kids can watch. The controls allow you set restricts based on the MPAA ratings that a TV show or movie has, or straight up ban certain titles from being watched. Here’s how you can use Netflix Parental Controls to manage what kind of content your kids can watch.

Netflix Parental Controls

Visit Netflix in your desktop browser. Sign in with your own profile. Click your profile icon at the top right and select ‘Account’ from the menu.

On the Account page, scroll down to the Settings section and you will see a ‘Parental Controls’ option listed there. Click it.

By default, parental controls are not enabled so you will need to set them up yourself. You will need to enter a PIN to control access. Once you add a PIN, you can select the rating level of the content that is available to kids.

Netflix is also rolling out a per-title ban. It’s already live in some countries and will be rolling out globally in the coming days. It will be accessible from this same screen and it will allow you to add any title, movie or TV show or documentary, to the ban list. It will not matter if the title falls well within the approved rating for kids to watch. If a title is banned, kids will not be able to watch it.

The feature will roll out eventually to your account. You cannot expedite it by using a VPN for Netflix to fake your location to a country where the feature is already available. It’s best to just wait the few days needed for the feature to roll out to everyone. To further help parents understand the type of content in a TV show or Movie, the rating will now be shown before anything is played. This saves time that you’d otherwise have to spend investigating it yourself. Netflix does show the rating a TV show or movie next to its details but if you’re only ever concerned with reading a synopsis of the show/movie, you might have missed it. This will make it more obvious and help parents be more proactive about what kids can and cannot watch.

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