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View All Of r/videos As A Channel And Skip Clicking Through Links [Web]

Reddit users, whether they’re posting in r/DIY or just r/Food create some really amazing things. Imgur is one of those things; the service was created by a Redditor who was frustrated there wasn’t a good image sharing service that played well with Reddit. The rest is history and Imgur is easily one of the most popular image sharing sites today. Another, far less ambitious project to come out of Reddit is Reddit TV. It’s a channel that will play all videos posted to the subreddit r/Videos. Instead of having to click links, you can just visit Reddit TV and watch videos play one after the other, until it’s time to go home.

The concept behind Reddit TV is simple enough; you can watch the hottest videos submitted to the subreddit, or the top videos for the day, week, month, or year. A collapsible filmstrip that appears at the top when your mouse is on the header lets you scroll through the next/previous videos in the line-up.

You can click any video to play it or turn on the ‘Auto Advance’ feature from settings so that the web app will automatically move to the next video once the current one is finished. Sometimes the videos automatically start playing and sometimes you have to click play. You can also enable a shuffle feature, and allow only those videos to play that are deemed suitable for work.


You can use the left and right arrow keys to move between videos but I’m a little disappointed that there is no keyboard shortcut to play/pause videos. Hitting the  spacebar will just scroll the page down. The second half of the page is dedicated to other subreddits that videos may have been submitted to like r/documentaries. Click one of them to switch to the video line-up they have to offer.

Visit Reddit TV

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