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Web Camera360 Is An Online Variant Of The Popular Photo Editing App

Just because you’re unable to afford expensive photo editing software like Photoshop, it doesn’t imply that there’s no viable and affordable or even free alternative for you to edit or enhance your favorite photos. There are many different desktop and web-based tools around that come with plenty of features at a zero price tag, Fotor and Pixlr being popular names in this genre. A lot of photo editors nowadays have web and mobile apps, desktop versions and in some cases browser extensions too. Camera360 has earned a lot of fame on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and recently, I discovered its web-based version Web Camera360. Just like its mobile app counterparts, this web variant of Camera360 allows you to edit your photos online, complete with various handy tools and effects for performing different photo editing tasks.

Web Camera360

Using Web Camers360, you can add multiple filter effects or adjusts an image’s sharpness, contrast or exposure levels. After editing your photos, you can easily save them, or share over social media. You don’t even have to have any plugins installed in order to use Web Camera360.

Upon visiting the service’s website, you can import a new image by clicking Upload on homepage. You will then see an editing workspace with your image in the central area. The right panel comprises of all the basic editing tools like crop, rotate, resize etc. Additionally, you can click Portrait or Scenery buttons your desired number of times for adding automatic image adjustments. This way, Web Camera360 analyzes the image and adds appropriate color and lightning on its own.

Web Camera360_Interface

The cropping feature is another useful tool offered by the app if you occasionally have to trim unwanted areas from your images. And if you’ve used it in other photo editors, you will find yourself at home. Cropping can be done either using presets or freeform, and both ways, it works like a charm.

WebCamera360 Crop

The app also allows you to adjust effects like Exposure, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, Highlights, Color etc. under the Advanced sub-tab. The adjustment controls are pretty intuitive, and changes only get into effect when you hit Apply.

Web Camera360_Advanced

While I didn’t find a red-eye removal feature; just like many advanced photos editors and apps, you can apply a handful of photo effects in Camera360, including filters like Scenery, Food, Portrait, Night and more. To apply an effect, simply select it, adjust its intensity (if applicable), and click Apply. You can also revert back any accidental changes via clicking Undo.


Another interesting bit I found is the photo comparison mode that lets you split the preview into ‘Two Photos’ or ‘Midline’. The former presents before and after versions of the image, while the later splits the the same image into two halves for the purpose, displaying one half edited and other with no editing effects. Once you’re ready, simply click ‘Save and Share’ at the bottom-right to store the output locally or share it over social media.


Overall, Web Camera360 is a very useful and easy to use photo editor. Of course, you can’t compare it with the likes of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, but it can come in handy for your basic photo editing needs.

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