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Where To Watch Finds Where You Can Legally Watch Movies & TV Shows [Web]

Movie piracy (and all other forms of piracy) are wrong and we often see public service messages that impress on us the gravity of the crime that is piracy. No doubt you’ve heard claims that piracy harms the entertainment industry and there has been quite the crack down recently with innocent videos being removed from YouTube, and some search results being removed from Google on account of copyright infringement. We’re not going to argue whether piracy is harmful or not, instead we feel introducing Where To Watch to our readers is a much better way to fight rampant movie and TV show piracy. This simple little web app lets you search for any movie and/or TV (any season) and find where you can pay to legally watch it.

Where To Watch doesn’t require you to sign up to the service. Simply type in the name of whatever it is you want to legally watch and it searches its database for it.


You can search for something to watch by using a TV show or a movie’s name, by searching for an actor, or for a director. If you know you want to watch a TV show, scroll down a bit on the home page and when the bar at the top appears, select Television. It isn’t a necessary step though, if you type in a TV show name, the app will find and list it under TV.

As for the results, for movies that may be have be remade over and over or that may have sequels and prequels, like the Batman franchise, you will see a list of all movies ever made. TV show results are sorted by seasons. The viewing options are listed with price details for how much it will cost to buy the entire season for viewing. The results feature the usual suspects; Amazon, Netflix, etc and the app indicates where you need to pay a single price and where you need a subscription to the  service listed.


The only flaw with the app is that it doesn’t take region into consideration when it lists options. Some or maybe all viewing options may not be available in all countries (hence a lot piracy, still wrong). Other than that, What To Watch is what one can actually consider a good and effective tool for fighting piracy and a great way to find HD quality TV shows and movies.

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